In 2-3 days…
SERVICE STATIONS will completely run out of fuel.
GARBAGE will start piling up in urban and suburban areas.

Woman getting into truck cab Advancing Women Program – 2017 -

The Trucking Human Resources Sector Council Atlantic is working to promote and support women in trucking through it’s Advancing Women program. In doing so, men and women, as well as the industry at-large, will benefit. The objective of the program ...

Trucking Supervisor in Yard Supervisor Development – Fall 2017 -

Learn the key skills necessary to be a supervisor in the trucking industry. One of the most important roles in the trucking industry is the supervisor. Supervisors play a role in the performance, retention and morale of the overall workforce in the industry. Unfortunately, ...

Trucking Supervisor in Yard Supervising: Born with the skill? You decide! - Supervising people is not an easy task. The best supervisors know it takes time, dedication and continuous learning to build those skills. Some will argue you either got it or you don’t - we are born natural leaders. And if you aren’t a natural leader, you cannot become an effective leader. “They” may be right …


Events and activities related to the trucking industry supported by THRSC Atlantic

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Essential Skills

Essential Skills and Safety in the Trucking Industry is an initiative focused on exploring the link between literacy and safety.

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