Green Management Guide Green Management Guide -

A guide for improving energy-efficiency, competitiveness and reducing emissions for the trucking industry. In Canada, 19% of total emissions resulting from the transport of goods are produced by the commercial road transportation sector. The trucking industry has an opportunity and a responsibility to make a significant contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and has already begun to do so.

Trucking Supervisor in Yard Supervising: Born with the skill? You decide! - Supervising people is not an easy task. The best supervisors know it takes time, dedication and continuous learning to build those skills. Some will argue you either got it or you don’t - we are born natural leaders. And if you aren’t a natural leader, you cannot become an effective leader. “They” may be right …
Trucker Radio News and Talk THRSC Atlantic on Trucker Radio News and Talk - Kelly Henderson talks to Stan Campbell about THRSC Atlantic. Trucker Radio Talk is a weekly one-hour program available only online at A new show becomes available every Friday at 12 noon eastern with breaking news updates whenever they happen.

Employer of Choice

Employer of Choice is a program that recognizes employers who are dedicated to responding to the needs of their employees based entirely on what matters to those in their workplace.

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Events and activities related to the trucking industry supported by THRSC Atlantic

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Tobacco Cessation

With special thanks to Health Canada THRSC Atlantic has been able to create a smoking cessation awareness campaign for the trucking industry.

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Essential Skills

Essential Skills and Safety in the Trucking Industry is an initiative focused on exploring the link between literacy and safety.

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In 24 hours…
HOSPITALS will run out of basic supplies.
SERVICE stations will begin to run out of fuel.